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Me when I first started living alone again.

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My very kind coworker is picking me up tomorrow so I can take a cab from the office to the airport to rent a car to drive to Houston.

This beggar also happens to be choosey.


It’s 6:16PM and I’m still at work and I’m a total stress case and I really just want a donut. 


Big hair. Don’t care. #eileenandscott


I caught the feauxquet! #eileenandscott


#tbt in honor of Teddy Ruxpin’s creator. Grubby and I thank you. RIP.


It’s time for Sunday night bedtime procrastination activities. I’m making chocolate cheesecake balls to use as a bribe tomorrow. What are you doing?


Now begins the Sunday night ritual of scrounging for something to do avoid going to bed. The longer I stay awake, the longer the work week stays away, right?


In case you wanted to know, the first 6 have gone something like this:

Boston: Austin? Austin, Massachusetts?
I was so excited about wandering the freedom trail in the snow but I never made it. I was on a connecting flight in Kansas City, buckled up and ready to go before being told to get off the plane because storms had shut down Boston Logan. I was given a ticket to go back home but when I went to recheck my luggage, the lady at the counter accidently canceled my new return trip causing me to lose my spot on that next flight. I spent 3ish hours in the airport listening to podcasts and trying not to fall asleep. I left my house at 4:30AM and returned at 7PM having been to Dallas twice in addition to Kansas City but feeling like I had been nowhere.

New Orleans: Don’t know how you do the voodoo that you do…
Being snowed-in here was one of the most bizarre experiences ever. It didn’t actually snow, but there was plenty of ice and panic not much different to the threat of winter weather in Austin. The whole city was shut down for two days. The hotel we stayed in was historic which I think is code for totally creepytown USA complete with a séance themed turn down service and bubble bath the staff would draw for you for the low, low price of like $85. It was also here that I tripped over my own luggage/a ghost and face planted in the lobby within 5 minutes of our arrival.

Philadelphia: Brotherly love and manhattans, hold the bitters.
I was only supposed to be here for one day – fly in Sunday, back home Monday night after passing the torch to a co-worker. He never made it in on Sunday thanks to more snow. And as luck would have it, my return flight was canceled thanks to the ice day Austin was having. My co-worker arrived on Monday afternoon and we had a fantastic evening exploring and drinking whiskey drinks and getting lost downtown. I finally made it home late Tuesday night, cold and content.

Detroit: I’m (not) friends with the monster.
It takes nearly seven hours of travel to get to Detroit, only to be there for about 18 hours. This trip was all the way around odd, but the most awful part: the lady sitting in the center seat on the flight home. Homegirl couldn’t keep her paws to herself and kept tapping my headphones to get my attention and to try to hear the episode of Scandal I was watching. Later, intrigued by the Paper iPad app she began drawing all over my doodle without even asking! Ruined! She also attempted to play my co-worker’s game of iPad solitaire. Thanks to her and the cold I was fighting, I was a frazzled, fidgety mess by the time we got home that night.      

Las Vegas: Earth Song vs. Brian’s Song
I saw Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil! It wasn’t even my idea! My super thoughtful co-worker knew that it would be something we should do and purchased the perfect center house seats that awaited us at will-call. Funny thing, we both picked it a part in several areas, but ultimately decided it was AWESOME! Early the next morning, I confessed to him that before early call times I combat morning voice by singing to myself while I get ready and that sometimes when I’m feeling especially unmotivated I make up inspiring songs about work. Also, Gayle Sayers was doing a book signing at our hotel but I totally forgot about it and I missed my chance to get his autograph. Just add it to the list of life regrets.

Los Angeles: Looks like another perfect day
I love LA, even more than Randy Newman. This was quick trip to a city just 25 miles away from my early childhood home. It ended with eating In-N-Out with two of my favorite work friends in the back of an Uber SUV on the way to the airport. I not so secretly pretended we were heading home from the Oscars. Then my luggage got lost and the fantasy faded. Thank you, kind courier, for bringing it to me later the next day!


Fill my keg up halfway and serve it with my cheesebort. #gamenight